Podcast: Mormon “doctrine” and other fuzzy things

In this two-part podcast, Mormon Matters host Dan Wotherspoon and panelists Gina Colvin, Charles Harrell, and Chris Cobb take on all of these issues, and much more. Are there different, healthier ways to view the question of Mormon teachings and doctrinal discourse? Is doctrinal presentation, especially in Church curriculum, a straightforward process of teaching truth, or is there much more at play–assumptions (cultural, Western, cognitive, gendered, and countless other types) motivating what is selected as more or less important? The panel explore what it means when leaders might say that this or that doctrine is “binding” upon members and whether or not it is actual “doctrines” that are canonized or simply sources (scripture) that are granted authoritative power–and, as is evident about any scripture, whatever doctrines might be offered therein call always to a wonderfully wide spectrum of interpretation? The panel also explores whether we might be in a moment within Mormon development when doctrines are being scaled back, when less emphasis is being placed upon teachings and more on community, doing good in the world, “becoming” better Christians/human beings.
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