Policing the student section: Where to draw the line?

Basketball is unique among sports with regards to the distance (or lack thereof) between fans and players. This intimate setting, especially in high school and college basketball, encourages fans to creatively get into their opponents' heads.

Two incidents of unruly fan behavior last Saturday, however, have prompted action by institutions and conferences on opposite ends of the country. The question at hand: When does "creative" become "offensive?"

...BYU and San Diego State faced off in a key Mountain West Conference matchup. Some SDSU students dressed as Latter-day Saint (Mormon) missionaries, complete with white shirts, ties, and bike helmets.

The same dress-up act happened last season, but the students' chants of "You're still Mormon" when BYU put the game away did not. The sign asking BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette which wife gave him mononucleosis was also a new addition this season.

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