Polishing and Treading

Four words: treading water and polished rocks. (I guess that’s five words if you count the “and.” But seriously, who counts “ands”?)

When I think of my favorite family vacation growing up, it would have to be our trip to Cody, Wyoming. Why? Because I learned how to tread water and I bought polished rocks. Who doesn’t buy polished rocks on a vacation in Wyoming? Oh sure, you can visit Yellowstone, go to a rodeo, experience a dude ranch, or learn about Buffalo Bill. But until you have purchased polished rocks, you haven’t actually had a successful Wyoming experience.

I still remember what my polished rocks looked like. I kept them in a little pouch and would pull them out once in a while to organize and admire them.

It is quite a process to polish your own rocks. I remember my dad buying a polishing machine and setting it up in our garage. We loaded it with rocks from the neighborhood. The churning and turning of the polisher was an incredibly loud, not to mention long, process. But it was worth it. In the end, the rocks shone. Their true colors came through. They were smooth to the touch. They were beautiful.

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