Poll: Are Treats During Sacrament Meeting Okay? (+ Our Favorite Reader Responses)

by | Jan. 20, 2018

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Editor's note: The following responses have been edited for length and clarity.

We've all been there. Whether you are 3 years old or 89 years old, no one is immune to the munchies during Church. But the worst is when your Trident gum just isn't cutting it and your tummy is rumbling at the most inopportune time of the three-hour Church block—sacrament meeting. 

So what do you do? Especially when the one with the munchies is a demanding toddler or you're an adult with a medical condition and you need to keep your blood sugar up?

We asked our followers on Twitter and the topic garnered a lot of attention. Some felt snacks helped their family and themselves stay alert and focused during sacrament meeting while others felt snacks distracted and detracted from the overall spirit of the meeting.

Though many had differing opinions, those who do bring snacks shared what they think is the best sacrament meeting snack. The responses varied—a lot—to say the least. Here are just a few responses:

1. dani06linn_Some chocolate has always been a favorite!🍫
2. cmabeylittle The best sacrament meeting snack is always what the kids on the bench in front of you are eating. Always.
3. rachelpointe Someone let me know because my kids never want what I pack.
4. lucy.lotty6 With six little boys and my husband sitting on the stand, I took an assortment of snacks to keep everyone quiet and happy. Bread because after they took the Sacrament, they always wanted more! Fun fruits, Smarties, goldfish crackers, and a Dove chocolate for me!😊 The most important part of Sunday is having your babies and yourself where you can feel the Spirit. Whatever it takes to keep your little ones (and bigger ones) happy and making good memories of being at church together is a winner!👍💕
5. denisewlondon Clean ones that are easy for the Saturday cleaning crew to vacuum up.
6. itsmeganashleyA whole 🍎. My little one loves it every Sunday and it keeps her occupied for most of the sacrament.
7. tiffwoodmansee I'll never forget the time we sat next to a woman that whipped open a can of Vienna sausages and passed them out (gelatin and all) to her kids! 😛
8. derkcassity Swedish Fish, hands down. My mom still provides them 😂.
9. megrosedavies2012 My kids like to pick out a piece of fruit just for sacrament after the bread and water. We do our weekly shop on Saturday. My 4-year-old always chooses persimmon and my 2-and-a-half-year-old likes to go with grapes usually! But occasionally he switches it up :P. They also get a sweet treat! We try for things that aren't crumbly or in noisy packets though xx.
10. kelseyhamham We're all just trying to survive sacrament meeting with little kiddos. Snacks for all! We love Cheerios, applesauce pouches, and granola bars. Crackers get a little crazy for us😝. But stickers are my saving grace when I don't have snacks. I always try to keep a bunch of them on hand from the dollar store:).
11. maryoutnumbered To each their own. I am confident that Heavenly Father and Jesus love snackers and non-snackers alike! They appreciate our efforts, regardless of whether we choose to have our kids to use quiet books or eat Goldfish. They do not care if we feed, or don't feed, our feisty kiddos during church meetings. They love us so much and understand that parenting is a dance to which we are ALL just barely learning the steps. Parenting is too challenging for any of us to worry whether our neighbor is doing it right or wrong—especially whilst we sit shoulder-to-shoulder with them and take the sacrament. I say, it takes a village. Love your neighbor. Live and let live. The Church is true! 😁

So what are your thoughts? Share with the poll below:

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Are treats in sacrament meeting okay?

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