Poll: How Do You Approach Extracurricular Activities on Sunday?

We have been thinking a lot about this question recently. Last week, we brought up a similar debate (watching the Super Bowl and/or having a family party on Sunday), and we also ran a story about two LDS cheerleaders who, like many other LDS youth, chose not to compete on Sunday. Both stories generated passionate response, which made us realize how varied the opinions are on the topic of appropriate Sunday activities. So we wondered: how do you and your family handle extracurricular activities on Sunday?

Most families have to face the question of Sunday competition and/or recitals at some point. Sports, music, dance, debate, and speech competitions all have the possibility to be held on Sunday. Some families have hard and fast rules for the children that no Sunday competition is allowed. Others leave the choice up to the children, sometimes while encouraging them one way or the other.

Sometimes when youth refrain from competition for religious reasons, they are applauded for integrity to their beliefs and encounter few negative consequences. Sometimes the choice results in competition privileges being taken away—and sometimes it can result in criticism or derision. It is a decision that involves many different factors, and it varies as much as the people making the decision do.

So, how do you or your family (or both) handle the question of extracurricular activities on Sunday? Check out our poll below.

Have you or your children ever participated in extracurricular activities (sports, music, dance, debate, and speech competitions, etc.) on Sunday?


Do you think participating in extracurricular activities on Sunday is an acceptable use of Sunday time?

It depends.

If you have decided against Sunday competition in the past, how did coaches and teammates react to the decision?

They were completely supportive.
They were generally positive about it, but still expressed disappointment.
They were generally negative about it, but still expressed some support.
They were completely unsupportive.

What about work? Have you or your (at-home) children ever worked on Sunday?


How do you approach the Sunday competition question with your children? Do you have a rule, let them decide, or do something else? Leave a comment below.

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