Poll: Should You Save Seats at Church?

Humans are creatures of habit - and that includes at church. Whether it's the back left corner or front and center, many of us often sit in the same area of the chapel each week, and some even in the exact same row.

But finding a place for your family to sit together during sacrament meeting (not to mention stake conference!) can be a frustrating experience if you don't arrive at church 20 minutes early. And if you’re a family of nine who has recently moved into a new ward, or if you have a lot of family in town for a missionary farewell or baby blessing, you run the risk of accidentally usurping someone else’s “usual” pew.

It’s true that most of us like to sit in the same place week after week. But Facebook friend Brittney Meyer McOmber thinks we should “mix it up.” She writes, “None of us own a pew and [we should not] get upset if someone is sitting in the place that we [typically] sit in. Sometimes due to disabilities, people do need to sit in certain areas. But most of the time, that isn’t the case. It’s fun sitting in different places every week!”

Your turn: Why do you sit where you sit? Tradition? Convenience?

Do you have a family pew?

No, but I have a general area

Where do you prefer to sit?

Somewhere different every time

Have you ever been asked to move out of someone's pew?


Do you think saving pews is okay?

It depends
This article originally ran online in January 2012.
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