Poll: What Do You Eat on Easter?

by | Apr. 17, 2014



Every family does Easter their own way. It’s not like Christmas where a tree, stockings, and presents are all expected to be in the house by December 25th. Some families do an Easter egg hunt. Some do a candy hunt. Some families eat a honey-glazed ham. Some eat potato salad. Some families eat funeral potatoes. And some don’t. (And those people are just plain crazy.)

My family is definitely a ham-and-potatoes-on-Easter kind of family. Without fail, there is a Honey-Baked Ham and funeral potatoes (or sometimes potato salad if there’s time) on the table for every Easter dinner. I thought this a most appropriately delicious Easter meal. And that’s why I was so surprised when a coworker told me that turkey—not ham—was the norm for Easter. But after that, another coworker piped up, saying that roast beef was the way to go . . . Really? A roast-beef Easter? Inconceivable. 

So it dawned on me: what do Mormons really eat for their Easter feast? Take the poll below and tell us the menu for your perfect Easter dinner.

What mouth-watering meat do you eat for Easter?

Pot roast
None of the above

How do you prepare your eggs?

Hard-boiled eggs are the yummiest
Egg salad is the best for left-over egg salad sandwiches
Deviled eggs with a dash of paprika on top
We've got a unique style for our eggs. Let me tell you in the comments.
We don't make eggs on Easter.

How do you eat your potatoes?

Funeral style, sour cream and cheese please
Potato salad with hard-boiled eggs and bacon, of course
Scalloped potatoes, warm and gooey
We make our potatoes differently. Let me tell you in the comments.
We don't have potatoes for Easter.
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