Poll: What's Your Cleaning Style?

How often do you give your house a deep clean?

More than twice a year.
About twice a year.
About once a year.
Umm...no comment!

Do you hire cleaning help?

For special occasions.

Your garage contains...

My car(s). Period.
My car(s), plus some tools and bikes neatly put away.
Half storage, with room for one car.
All storage. No car(s) has fit for years.

Do your kids have chores?

Yes, daily.
Yes, weekly.
Yes, but I end up doing them.

What does the outside of your refrigerator look like?

Bare, with no fingerprints.
A few magnets here and there.
Magnets, pictures, and notes, but organized.
I haven't cleaned or organized my fridge's surface for years.

Who cleans more?

Hired help.
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