President Eyring: As Church grows, what is taught remains the same

Though the number of students in the Church Educational System continually grows, President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency told CES instructors that what is to be taught remains the same.

...In his address about teaching, President Eyring said students cannot be fortified with "a sure foundation to stand steady through the temptations and trials of their lives" unless they have a witness of the truths of the gospel through the Holy Ghost.

He listed four requirements for success in the sacred trust to teach:

"First, our students can only receive eternal truth through the Spirit when it is taught by that Spirit. …

"Second, we must receive an understanding of the gospel through the Holy Ghost in order to teach it. …

"Third, to teach the gospel we must live it well enough to receive the Spirit and so exemplify for our students what they must do to be taught by the Spirit. …

"And fourth, we must teach the gospel in its simple purity."

President Eyring shared personal experiences where he "was taught something about how to get inspiration in gospel teaching."

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