President Monson’s Biographer Testifies of Prophet's Call

Members of the Church—and many others throughout the world—know President Thomas S. Monson for his warm style and his ability to teach gospel principles by using powerful personal experiences. While those experiences help many feel as if they know President Monson, perhaps few know him as well as Heidi Swinton—his biographer.

Sister Swinton's article “Have I Done Any Good in the World Today,” recounting her experience writing the story of the prophet's life, appeared in the March Liahona and Ensign. Additional articles from Sister Swinton about the prophet will appear in August in the Liahona, Ensign, and Friend magazines. And recently, Sister Swinton met with Church News and Events to talk about the role of prophets and to share her testimony of President Monson as today's living prophet.

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