President Nelson Gives the Perfect Counsel to Mormons Frustrated That They Aren't Perfect

Latter-day Saints—we're so often our worst critics. We strive so hard to reach the standards we are taught through the gospel, but when we slip or stumble sometimes we forget that we also need to be patient and forgiving to ourselves.

But President Russell M. Nelson shared the perfect counsel on Facebook for Mormons who are too hard on themselves when it comes to mistakes and flaws:

Are you vexed by your own imperfections? For example, have you ever locked your keys inside the car? Or to accomplish a task, have you ever moved from one room to another only to find you have forgotten what you wanted to do? (Incidentally, troubles of that nature don’t disappear as you grow older.)
Meanwhile, please, do not be discouraged by the Lord’s expression of hope for your perfection. You should have faith to know that He would not require development beyond your capacity. Of course you should strive to correct habits or thoughts that are improper. Conquering weakness brings great joy! You can attain a certain degree of perfection in some things in this life. And you can become perfect in keeping various commandments.
But the Lord was not necessarily asking for your errorless and perfect behavior in all things. He was pleading for more than that. His hopes are for your full potential to be realized—to become as He is! That includes the perfection of your physical body, when it will be changed to an immortal state that cannot deteriorate or die.
So while you earnestly strive for continuing improvement in your life here, remember your resurrection, exaltation, and perfection await you in the life to come. That precious promise of perfection could not have been possible without the Lord’s Atonement and His example.
Lead image from Facebook.
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