President Worthen on why a statement he made in 2019 did not age well but why he believes it is more important than ever

by | Sep. 09, 2021

In Fall 2019, President Kevin J Worthen delivered a BYU devotional address that encouraged something that just six months later when the pandemic hit was prohibited in most areas of the world: gathering.  

“Talk about a statement that did not age well,” President Worthen said in an address on Tuesday at BYU.

Still, he believes proximity to one another to be an eternal principle that is more important now than ever before.

“Gathering and proximity . . . are eternal principles that will remain applicable well beyond COVID and likely well beyond this mortal existence. While we need to temporarily adjust some features of our educational endeavor until the pandemic abates, it is, in my view, more important than ever that we be with one another during this educational process—that we be part of a community,” he taught.

He offered three suggestions for how we can knit our hearts together:

  •  Strive to view all as precious children of God
  •  Replace “I” with “we”
  •  Above all else, trust God

Sister Peggy S. Worthen spoke of facing “paralyzing fear.” She suggested developing a habit of praying and searching for resources from God. We must learn to inquire of the Lord, she taught.

“Our Heavenly Father, who is mindful of each of us, wants us to be happy and successful,” she said.

Watch or listen to President and Sister Worthen’s addresses here.

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