Pretty Darn Funny Season 2 Recap

If you think you know Pretty Darn Funny, think again! Season 2 took clean comedy to a whole new hilarious level! We especially enjoyed the second episode, "The Pinterest Plot." Who hasn't strived for Pinterest perfection? And don't miss episode four, "Basket Case." It just goes to show that you might think you're nieghbor is Molly Mormon, but she's actually just striving for perfection, just like you are! Watch and enjoy!

Have you ever promised to wait and watch a show with someone--and then turned around and watched it first? Did you get caught red-handed too? With Netflix and Hulu, not only is there movie cheating but there's TV series cheating too! 

Let's face it, Pinterest fails happen a lot more than Pinterest perfection. If you're a craftsy pinner, you'll absolutely adore this episode. 

We all know that being frugal is wise, but sometimes it can go a bit too far. This hilarious farce on budgeting cracks us up every time!

We should all love one another, but sometimes it's hard to feel as if people are always outdoing you. This episode teaches us that everyone has a hard time striving for perfection.

Being physically fit is a great goal, but nobody should ever be subjected to the crazy obstacle course in this hilarious episode!

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