Primary activity was wake-up call for Carolina soccer legend

It was an ordinary Mormon Primary activity, something that wouldn't stick in anyone's memory. But this day in a North Carolina LDS chapel has been seared into the mind of one of college sports' most legendary coaches.

An activity for fathers and daughters to strengthen their relationships morphed into a chance for dads to show off their fatherly abilities to other men. The task of Anson Dorrance, the architect of the University of North Carolina women's soccer dynasty, was simple: read a story to his second daughter, Natalie, in front of the rest of the Primary.

But it wasn't. He motioned for Natalie to sit on his lap to read the story but got nothing but a head shake. He tried again. A third time. The child didn't budge. For the man who had built Tar Heel soccer from the dirt and won more hardware than college basketball legend John Wooden, the rebuff was scathing.

"I thought, 'There could be nothing more embarrassing than this,'" Dorrance said. "It was indicative of the fact that I needed to spend more time at home."

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