Prison Inmate Sacrifices Simple Gift to Participate in Light the World Campaign

With nearly 69 million collective views, the Light the World campaign videos have inspired many across the world to participate in acts of Christlike service. 

And while it is amazing to see the impact of the campaign in the lives of so many participants, it really comes down to the service each individual chooses to offer, even if it seems as simple as offering up a simple treasure to a stranger. 

Participants have been posting their experiences and sharing the videos on social media channels. Others have been quietly participating in the initiative. Such was the case of a Utah man (name withheld to protect privacy) behind bars who performed a simple act of service by sharing a cherished candy bar with a new prisoner. 

The inmate’s family has been mailing him daily service ideas during the initiative, but they weren’t sure how he could respond to the challenge on December 7: “Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You.” His mother said, “I wondered if I should send it at all — it made me pretty sad to ask him to share his food when I know he really doesn’t have any to share, and if he did, it would be such a small amount.”

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