Pro-quality ad campaigns flowing out of BYUs AdLab

by | Jul. 12, 2010

News from Utah

"Before you wear the colors, you have to be a team."

"Finally something we can all drink to."

"I am my anti-drug."

These slogans, born in the creative think tank of the BYU AdLab, have grown to occupy TV screens, websites, magazine pages and radio waves — as polished as any professional ad campaign.

Since 2003 the AdLab, tucked away in the Brimhall Building on the south end of BYU's campus, has cranked out hundreds of campaigns and cream-of-the-crop advertisers, thanks to hands-on experience with real clients and genuine assignments.

The Ad Council recently released a new Smokey Bear campaign, featuring an educational DVD created entirely by BYU AdLab students.

"It's awesome for your homework to turn into national, viewable material," said AdLab director Jeff Sheets.

The Smokey Bear DVD will be sent to schools nationwide to teach kindergartners, first- and second-graders about preventing wildfires.

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