Profile of the new Deseret News CEO

In a year when a number of executives with unconventional media backgrounds are taking charge of newspaper companies, Clark Gilbert, newly appointed president and CEO of Deseret News, may have the most novel resume of all -- former Harvard Business School professor, consultant and specialist in disruptive change.

Gilbert began applying theory to practice last September when he moved to Salt Lake City to take charge of Deseret Digital Media, a new division consolidating new media ventures owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In late May, he added the Deseret News to his portfolio (while leaving the newspaper's editor and publisher in place).

The first of the jobs gave him the chance to test out a key finding from all those years of study -- that new media thrive when separated out organizationally from the traditional paper. That's the best way to make a disrupter (in most any industry) focused and nimble, Gilbert and his former Harvard colleague Clayton Christensen believe.

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