Profile on Spanish speaking missionaries in Houston

They've put off college and typical young-adult antics to spend two years without TV , movies, laptops, texting or dating. They've moved hundreds of miles from home to work in a city they've never lived in before, speaking a language they've just learned.

That's life for missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Elder Aaron Porter, 21, instinctively answers the phone in Spanish, setting up appointments for Bible studies and lessons in doctrine. A clean-cut blond guy sporting the missionary uniform — shirt, tie and backpack — he's one of 150 Spanish-speaking Mormon missionaries in Houston.

They meet people in flea markets and front yards, handing out copies of El Libro de Mormon, sharing their message and trying to avoid the occasional heckler.

“There's people that don't like us. We get doors slammed in our faces, and people try to bug us, but it doesn't even matter,” Porter said. “The people who have a sincere interest in learning make up for it … . I'm happy, looking back, because we have brought them such a wonderful message.”

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