Prom. The very word conjures up memories of tuxedos, corsages, money, boutonnieres, money, dancing to disco music in formal clothes, more money, and the imminent doorstep.

My EC and I both went to prom. Not together, as we didn't meet until college - but we both went. She went to hers in a fantastically decorated small town, High School gymnasium, and I to to a high-dollar resort where the couples who were too drunk to drive home just got a room for the night. (True!)

Prom is a signature event in the life of many a high-schooler. It is the big finish, the time to act fancy and pretend to be a grown up. Much has changed over the years, but some things have stayed the same. It is still a big deal for many, and can be great fun, but it can also come with abundant drama.

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