Prophecies about the Middle East

by | Aug. 20, 2010

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The gasps, oohs, and ahhs of hundreds filled the large room as the gospel scholar shared stories, insights and occasional humor.

Victor L. Ludlow had them hanging on his every word.

The topic had everything to do with it. Ludlow was lecturing on "The Prophetic Perspectives and Prophecies About the Middle East." The Thursday afternoon class, which took place on an upper floor the Wilkinson Student Center, was part of BYU Education Week.

Ludlow centered his remarks around four basic prophecies found in the standard works:

1. Missionary work in region and/or among Muslims and Jews

2. A temple in Jerusalem

3. Two prophets to the Jewish nation

4. Armageddon (two armies of armies against Israel)

Each prophecy was followed by a number of scriptural references.

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