Prophets’ Promises to Parents of Wayward Children

As a righteous man or woman sanctifies him or herself and strives to move forward in faith against adversity, the Lord will eventually present the right circumstance for deliverance. Nephi stated as much in 1 Nephi 3:7, and despite several failed attempts to retrieve the brass plates, he continued to sanctify himself, trying to keep the commandment he’d been given until the Lord presented a solution.1

Likewise, we parents have been given commandments to bear children,2 to teach them to honor and respect their parents,3 to prepare them for baptism,4 to teach them the gospel and bring them up in light and truth,5 to teach them to pray and walk uprightly before the Lord,6 and to correct them in a spirit of love.7 Clearly, if God gives us one of His children, He expects us to deliver the child back to Him in a redeemed condition.

The parable of the talents teaches us that truth — whatever God entrusts to us, we are under obligation to return to Him with increase.8 Therefore, when we, like Nephi, encounter resistance and obstacles while rearing God’s children, we should, like Nephi, set a straight course. We must sanctify ourselves and move forward in faith with the assurance that the Lord will eventually present a solution that leads to deliverance. The Lord’s promise is that, if we do this, He will open “an effectual door.”9

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