Pros & Cons of Sacrament Snacks

by | Jul. 12, 2014


9. Trail Mix

Pros & Cons of #LDS Sacrament Snacks

Pros: The best of many snack types! Dried fruit and nuts are healthy, and candies are delicious.

Cons: Also, the worst of many snack types: fruit and candies are sticky, and stepped-on fruit is hard to clean up. 

10. Nuts

Pros & Cons of #LDS Sacrament Snacks

Pros: Salty taste; easy to clean (no crumbs!)

Con: Watch for allergies, and they can be a little loud because they're slightly crunchy, but with how easy they are to clean up, even after being stepped on, we'd probably call this the ultimate sacrament meeting snack!

Do you (or would you) bring snacks for children to sacrament meeting?

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