Puddles of Blossoms

by | Jun. 07, 2010

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One of the big questions I had when I decided to marry a nonmember was whether or not Sam would support me in my faith. I thought about this a lot, discussed it when it came up with those I sought counsel from, and ultimately had no reason to believe he would be anything but supportive.

And, as I suspected, he has been the model of support. When I’m having a rough time, he gently suggests I attend the temple. Even when it comes to laws that would be hard for someone outside the LDS church to swallow–think tithing–he hasn’t whispered a word of criticism or reservation. He attends sacrament meeting with me about every other week so I won’t have to sit alone. We’ve made friends with other couples in the ward; he’s accepted and fulfilled a calling to teach the teacher prep course (!), and we joined the bishop and his wife for a Thanksgiving Feast last fall. Although he’s always clear (but respectful) about where he differs, he’s allowed himself to be a part of the community. This, I understand perfectly, is out of love for me.

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