Puerto Rican women find spiritual 'time out' 3,000 miles away

Cari Lu Alvarado had heard about Time Out for Women from two of her sisters-in-law.

They had told her it was an amazing experience with the presenters, the spiritual atmosphere and being with hundreds of other like-minded women.

"I've always wanted to go," said Alvarado, who lives in Puerto Rico. She also had seen the Time Out of Women Web site where there are messages from other women and several of the presenters. The event and the Web site is sponsored by Deseret Book.

Magda Olmo, also of Puerto Rico, had heard about Time Out from women who lived in Florida.

"My friend had told me it was so good and spiritual and you feel the joy in people's talks," Olmo said. "And I said, 'OK, let's do it.'"

Alvarado, Olmo, a few of their friends and family figured out a plan in fall 2008 for their group of about a dozen to fly to the United States and stay with family. The closest event to Puerto Rico in 2009 was in Florida, but spring was "too soon," said Alvarado, who teaches early-morning seminary.

But the one in Phoenix was in the fall, and one of Alvarado's sisters-in-law lived there, so group from Puerto Rico had a place to stay.

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