RM at Harvard Finds Unexpected Ways to Share Gospel on the Court (+ Other RM Basketball Stars)

by | Mar. 10, 2016

Mormon Life

Playing basketball in the Ivy League's is hard enough. But, try doing that fresh off a mission while surrounded by dozens of new missionary opportunities.

Corbin Miller completed his LDS mission in Mexico and rejoined the Harvard University basketball team about two years ago. But the move from Mexico to Boston may as well have been a transfer.

Miller no longer wears a black name tag, but he continues to feel like a missionary in many ways. For many of his teammates, he is the first Mormon they have ever met. Curious friends and faculty have asked about it. Miller was even the subject of a lengthy Boston Globe article last year that focused heavily on his two-year experience in Mexico.

"I expected the article to be more about basketball, but it was almost entirely questions about the mission. It kind of surprised me, the interest that people have in me serving a mission," Miller said in a recent phone interview with the Deseret News. "There have been discussions that go so far beyond basketball but have come about because of basketball. … I'm certainly grateful for the opportunity."

Lead image from Deseret News.
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