RS Gospel Principles Lesson 9: Prophets of God

by | May 05, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson provides a wonderful opportunity to have an open and enlightening conversation about prophets. This is one of the most basic principles of the gospel, one that gets taught from the earliest days in Primary. That being said, the topic of prophets has a rich historical and theological background and can provide for a fascinating lesson. Instead of giving a lecture about who prophets are and what they do, I would open each topic for discussion by class participants. Prayerfully consider the questions provided in the lesson manual, where they can be expanded and how they might enrich the knowledge of the sisters you teach.

Prophets Are God’s Representatives on Earth

To open the lesson I would lead a discussion of what a prophet is, why prophets are necessary and what they can provide the world. A variety of answers is likely but all will probably stay close to how the lesson manual answers those same questions :

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