RS Lesson 37: Charity, the Pure Love of Christ

by | Jul. 09, 2009

Lesson Helps

As with all lesson plans I come up with, my ultimate goal is to foster an open environment that leads to authentic sharing of personal stories and perspectives. As always, please encourage the sisters to read gender inclusively. (i.e. sons [and daughters] of God).

Beginning the Lesson:

I’d break the ice by throwing out a brainstorming question: What words come to mind when you think of charity? ( service, love, Jesus, grace, kindness, money, poor, Mother Theresa, etc.). Consider putting the words people throw out into at least two columns. One for physical, action oriented things and one for more ephemeral things or state of being type words, and maybe one for some other category that you come up with or that comes up organically in the discussion. Comment about how charity, in our common modern day usage, envelops both sides of the spectrum (both action and attitude), and perhaps other aspects as well that you hadn’t thought of before.

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