RS/MP Chapter 15: Faithful, Energetic Service in the Kingdom of God (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

First, as the dog days of summer drag on, it might be good to start your lesson (or lesson prep) off with a Lorenzo Snow cone. Enjoy.

From the Life of Lorenzo Snow

I really like the opening vignette for this lesson relating how Pres. Snow (Elder Snow back then) got caught in Malta (check here for a little background) and basically decided to make lemonade (another good dog-days treat…). Here is the key quote:

Rather than complain about the delay, he decided to go to work. In a letter dated March 10, 1852, he wrote, “I feel that much good will result from the manner in which the Lord may direct the employment of the time now at my command, as I am surrounded by an interesting people, and in a most important field of labour, where a great work will be accomplished, extending to adjacent nations.” [p. 183]

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