RS/MP Chapter 21: Loving God More Than We Love the World (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

This week, I will skip the offer comments on “From the Life of” section, but make brief comments on each of the other sections. The lesson can be found online here.

When people allow worldliness to pervade their minds and hearts, they turn their backs on eternal principles.

Lorenzo Snow discusses “a spirit of speculation” in several parts of this section. I think interesting analogies could be drawn between the kind of speculation that occurred during the times Pres. Snow is referring to (in his past and present) and the kinds of speculation that occurred during the recent financial crisis triggered by certain kinds of speculation or speculation-like positions taken by banks in the subprime housing market.

However, I’m not sure what the point of this kind of discussion would be. That is, even though these past parallels are interesting, I’m having a hard time seeing any particularly interesting relation to the kinds of present challenges that I understand members in my elders quorum to be facing. So, I’m going to focus more on the parts of this section where President Snow talks about the state of harmony and blessedness that occurred just prior to this apostasy.

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