RS/MP Chapter 22: Doing Good to Others (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

One Satan’s greatest tricks is to make us question our true identities. Another trick that Satan plays is even coyer though, he makes us question the true identities of others. Satan would have us believe that our lives do not depend on one other and that we should be disconnected to one another. Lorzeno Snow taught:

We are of the same Father in the celestial worlds. … If we knew each other as we should, … our sympathies would be excited more than they are at the present time, and there would be a desire on the part of every individual to study in their own minds how they might do their brethren good, how they might alleviate their sorrows and build them up in truth, how [they might] remove the darkness from their minds.

If we actually understood who the other people in the world were we would do more for them. People on the other side of the world are not just people on the other side of the world. Our neighbors are not just our neighbors, but our brothers and our sisters. Not just in some metaphorical sense either, but in a very literal sense. We all received life from the same source. We are not on earth to simply make ourselves happy and do what it takes to get by, but “We have been sent into the world to do good to others; and in doing good to others we do good to ourselves” (Snow). That is our task.

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