RS/MP Lesson 01: “Our Heavenly Father” (Gospel Principles Manual)

As discussed in a previous post, I tried to create lesson notes/questions that explore what we, as individuals, believe and importantly why we do. I’ll stress that I prepared these notes with teaching in Relief Society or Melchizedek Priesthood in mind, not teaching the Gospel Essentials class for new members. But first, a little redlining:

The revisions made seem minor to me. Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

  • The title switched from “Our Father in Heaven” to “Our Heavenly Father.”
  • God now referred to as “the Supreme Being” instead of “the one Supreme Being.”
  • Altered phrasing of God having a “body that looks like ours” to state that “our bodies are like His body.”
Two changes that are somewhat significant are:
  • Added a quote by Joseph Smith where he described God as “the Great Parent of the universe….”
  • Deleted the words “a god” from the phrase “…to help His children become like Him—a god.”
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