RS/MP Lesson 11: “The Life of Christ” (Gospel Principles Manual)

Section One

Notice how this lesson picks up where the previous left off: “The Life of Christ Was Predicted Long before His Birth.” Just two lessons prior, we discussed prophets, and this lesson begins by making the point that “all of the prophets from Adam to Christ testified that He would come.” Now, in one sense, this is a bit redundant: go back to Lesson 9 and we read that the definition of a prophet is “a special witness of Christ.” Thus, by combining statements, we get something like: “all of the special witnesses of Christ testified of Christ.”

But I’m interested in is what that signifies. Why were there people testifying of Christ before Christ came—100, 500, 2000 years before he was even born? What was the need? It’s pretty simple to understand the impact on, say, the Nephites who lived during Samuel the Lamanite’s ministry: they were just about to see the signs of his birth…and later to meet him in person. But what difference could it possibly make to someone so far removed from it all?

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