RS/MP Lesson 18: “ Stay on the Lord’s Side of the Line” (George Albert Smith Manual)

This lesson is about a choice. Yes, a choice. Actually, the choice. I do not believe that our choices in life are plural. We can sit around and talk about how much we sin or how many hours of church service that we put in every week, but in the end does that really matter? I don’t think so. However, those choices are easy for us to focuses on (for the better or the worse) because they only symptoms of the actual choice. The real choice arrives when it comes to choosing between either following Jesus Christ or following Satan. In a nutshell, will we choose to follow good or evil?

How do we know who we are following and how do we know whose side we are on? Well, President Smith says, “If you love your neighbor as yourself, you are on the Lord’s side of the line,” and whoever is “finding fault with the things that God has given to us for our guidance is not on the Lord’s side of the line” (192). These are both attitude based statements and commentaries on our true desires. It is not the choice of if we help our neighbor that is important. It is the choice to stop fighting the grace of God which then drives us to help our neighbor that is important.

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