RS/MP Lesson 26: “Sacrifice” (Gospel Principles Manual)

1. The Meaning of Sacrifice

The question at the end of this section is fantastic (it’s a new question, by the way, not found in the older edition):

Why is it important to sacrifice as the Lord asks without expecting anything in return?

In last week’s lesson on fasting, our quorum spent some time discussing the manual’s question, “What blessings can we receive when we fast properly”? Frankly, some of the discussion that ensued from that question made me a bit uncomfortable, precisely because the discussion focused so much on “expecting [some]thing in return.” This a great question for challenging that sentiment. If we only show devotion to God with an expectation of receiving something in return, then we will not be ready to live in the presence of God (which is the topic of the final section of the lesson).

I’m not sure, however, if or how this question follows from the scripture mentioned in this section, namely Matthew 6:33.

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