RS/MP Lesson 30: “Temple Work and Family History” (Gospel Principles Manual)

I’ve struggled with what to say about this lesson. I’ve decided to primarily refer readers to Joe’s excellent and related post post, “Elijah and the Restoration of the Sealing Keys” (Lesson 26 in the Joseph Smith manual). First, however, I will offer a passages of commentary by Walter Brueggemann on Malachi 4:5-6, which I see as the scriptural backbone of this lesson.

As a lifelong member of the Church, I’ve heard Malachi 4:5-6 frequently quoted, but I’ve never understood the importance that (other) Christians have attached to this verse, as the concluding words of the Old Testament.

To summarize one Christian point of view, I’m going to simply quote from Walter Brueggemann at some length (An Introduction to the Old Testament: The Canon and Christian Imagination, p. 259-260).

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