RS/MP Lesson 31: “Honesty” (Gospel Principles Manual)

This is, perhaps naturally, one of the most straightforward lessons in the whole Gospel Principles manual. After making clear that “honesty is a principle of salvation,” the lesson lists a few specific forms of dishonesty (lying, stealing, cheating—note that the new edition has added a reference to “copying music, movies, pictures, or written text without the permission of the copyright owners” to its discussion of stealing), criticizes excuse-making concerning honesty, and concludes with a word about how “we can be completely honest.”

To be honest, I have nothing much to say in response to this lesson. But I’ll see if I can’t just point in a few directions that might be of interest, though I won’t commit to spelling out their implications here.

(1) Among the “additional scriptures” is D&C 50:17. I wonder if this verse couldn’t be used to produce an interesting discussion: What is “the spirit of truth,” and what is the relationship between teaching the gospel and honesty?

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