RS/MP Lesson 42: “The Gathering of the House of Israel” (Gospel Principles Manual)

This lesson may contain information that is not widely known among many members of the church (especially those that are recent converts). In my experience as a teacher, I receive many questions every time that I teach on this subject. Therefore, if you would like a brief synopsis of what the Gathering of Israel entails it might be helpful to read the entries “Israel” and “Israel, Kingdom of” in your Bible dictionary. This could at least keep you from going into this lesson blind if you are less familiar with the subject matter. The complete lesson can be found here.

The House of Israel Are God’s Covenant People

The manual asks, “What responsibilities do God’s covenant people have to the nations of the world?”

Those that are worthy are adopted into the family of Abraham and have a responsibility to do the work. I would point the class to Abraham 2:9-11 and Gen. 12:1-3 and have them point out the responsibilities found within those verses.

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