RS / MP Lesson 5: “The Creation” (Gospel Principles Manual)

Some suggested steps for teaching this lesson:

* Assume that the members of the class have read the lesson. Even if they haven’t, your lesson will be better for you having made that assumption.

* Prayerfully decide what aspect of our understanding of the creation the class would benefit from studying, and use that as the focal point of your lesson.

* Prepare by reading and studying about that focal point—if you will need them to help you keep track of where you are (I certainly do) prepare brief notes on things you wish to emphasize. Write down the scriptural references you wish to read together or bookmark them in your scriptures so they can be found easily. Do not write out the entire lesson.

* Begin class with a question about the focal point you have chosen. Try to make that question a thought question rather than a yes-or-no question or a question to which everyone already has a pat answer.

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