RS/MP Lesson 9: “Prophets of God” (Gospel Princples Manual)

Quick comment on the organization of these lessons. We have just learned about the Holy Ghost and prayer in the last two lessons, will learn about prophets this week, and scriptures next week. This is the nuts and bolts of how we communicate with God and how God communicates with us. Probably some degree of order of importance.

Prophets Are God’s Representatives on the Earth

The manual begins with an interesting question:

“What powers and gifts does a prophet have?”

My very first thought (I’ll admit, slightly odd) when I read this was related to the question asked of Samuel by the elders of the city when he went to Beth-lehem at the time he met David. “Comest thou peaceably?” (1 Sam 16:4) What were they worried about? What was the reputation of the prophet? Were the people afraid of Samuel for some reason?

When we answer this do we automatically think about our experience with modern prophets? Do we think of the stories we read about in the scriptures? Which scriptures? Book of Mormon prophets or Old Testament prophets? We’re finishing up with Moses in Gospel Doctrine. What stories from the modern prophets compare with the miracles performed by Moses leading the children of Israel from Egypt? Do you agree there are differences between the Old Testament prophets and the modern prophets? If you do, why do you agree?

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