Raising Boys, Raising Men

by | Apr. 19, 2010

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Over a decade ago, I was sure I was pregnant with a little girl. When the ultrasound technician pointed out “the turtle coming out of its shell” and then explained that the turtle was “boy bits”, the first thought I had was “Better not call him Abby then”, closely followed by “ARRGH! A boy? Boys are WEIRD! With different bits! How do you look after boys?” Twelve years later, I’m still learning how to look after boys, now in the company of two sons who thankfully have been looking after their own bits (“AARGH! Get OUT Mum!”) for over ten and six years respectively.

Turns out that the boy bits part was the easiest problem to solve (“Wipe in a number 8 and you’re sorted” is my advice to all first time Mums of boys.) As my sons have hit the ages of eight and twelve, the most difficult truth to face is that I can’t be everything my sons need.

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