Reader Voices: Speaking up in public to an offensive T-shirt

I read with interest the recent Jason F. Wright article regarding an offensive T-shirt worn at a county fair he attended with his family: he wanted to say something, but didn’t. He wondered if he was a coward and asked what we would have done? A similar situation happened to me; I, however, did say something. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I would do it again. I would also say Wright isn’t a coward and speaking up in this day and age can be, as he posited, dangerous.

I was waiting in line at a supermarket at the self checkout along with other patrons on a busy evening. A teenager stood ahead with a small boy in tow: He was a smorgasbord of piercings, tattoos and chains — none of these things make one a bad person. He also wore a T-shirt with a giant four-letter curse word emblazoned on the back. I was appalled and embarrassed someone had the gall to wear such a vulgar shirt in a public place. It bugged me.

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