Ready or not, here come the Sunbeams

The last Sunday for our soon-to-be Sunbeams didn't go so well in nursery. I realized I hadn't chosen my words carefully and left our two oldest classmates in a state of shock over their pending departure.

It all seemed so casual at first.

The kids were eating trail mix and drinking from water cups. Some were sifting out the raisins and peanuts. Others were smashing Chex cereal squares with their tiny fists and enjoying the instant carnage. But the majority were just plain hungry and scarfing any offering in an instant.

It has become habit for me to point to the children's pictures on our bulletin board during snack time and decide who is present and who is absent. Bright, beaming smiles demonstrate their love of recognition afforded through this weekly routine.

I really got their attention, this time, when I said, "Two of these pictures won't be on the board next Sunday because Elli and Cole are 3-years-old and will go to Sunbeams.

They are big kids now and won't be in nursery anymore."

While my statement was true, it wasn't the most considerate.

I'll never forget the look on Cole's face when he realized the monument of his existence was about to be stripped away.

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