Real Control! Help for Parents

Jeffrey R. Holland said, “…the only real control in life is self control.”

I couldn’t agree more. You can control the settings on your computer, and control the television choices that come into your home. You can control all the things on your Family Standard (this is a document our family made to spell out what our family will and will not do) and you can control what your family eats for dinner, but you can’t control another person. No matter how hard you try and how much power you try to look like you have, the only person you can control is yourself.

Since that is the case, we should capitalize on that power we have to control ourselves, or govern ourselves. If we can control ourselves then we have no need to try to control another person, because our self control will come across as a feeling of confidence and power. When a person has the confidence which comes from self government that person is respected and looked up to. Then control isn’t really necessary.

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