Reality show unreal, Mormons say

A new reality television series highlighting a Utah polygamist family does not greatly concern Valley Mormons, who say their faith has shunned such a practice for the past 100 years. “Sister Wives,” they say, portrays a splinter group not associated with the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It may be that the show is simply providing America with its latest source of “shock value” entertainment. A number of the more than 800 Valley LDS church members have not even taken time to watch the show, which debuted a week ago and airs at 10 tonight on TLC. “I take any media, especially television programs, with a grain of salt,” said Heidi Parkinson, of Danville, president of the women’s organization at the LDS church in the Sunbury area. They are free to air whatever they like, she said, “but I think people understand that it’s just entertainment.”
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