Recipe Contest: Best Jell-O Recipe

by | Apr. 09, 2013

The Food Dish


Hello, Jell-O!

Remember our cookie contest? The winner (Lemon Crinkle Cookies) is still one of LDS Living's most popular online posts every week. 

Since it seems people enjoy a good recipe, and because Mormons love their Jell-O, we decided to find the best version of this jiggly treat out there.

Here are the rules (you must abide by each for your recipe to be considered):

1) Recipes must be original. Don’t simply change the name—just as you wouldn’t want someone else to claim work that is yours, please do not claim someone else’s as your own. (If you found a recipe and tweaked it beyond recognition, you can submit that as your own. Family recipes are also acceptable.)

2) Recipes must include a packet of flavored gelatin in the ingredients (Jell-O brand or not). No pudding, no unflavored gelatin. We want to see what you do with the crazy flavors! Also: the final product does not necessarily need to be in the traditional gelatinous form. Got a killer Jell-O cookie recipe? Go for it!

3) Submit the recipe with your full name, e-mail address, home city and state, and a valid daytime phone number by Monday, April 22, 2013. (LDS Living will use this information only to get a hold of you in the event that you win; we will not use it for marketing or other purposes.)

If you have a photo of the food, please submit it, but photos are not required.

E-mail recipes to editor[at]ldsliving[dot]com. (Email the editor.)

We will be testing and ranking the recipes after we receive them. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Deseret Book and will be featured along with the runners-up in the summer issue of LDS Living magazine!

We've thrown down the gauntlet--and we're sure we won't be disappointed with the results of our amazing LDS Living reader/cooks. Bonne chance!

*By submitting your recipe, you are giving LDS Living the right to publish it on our website and/or our magazine.
Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback@ldsliving.com