Record storm impacts LDS in D.C. area

The biggest snowstorm in decades shut down airports, highways, offices, schools and stores in the mid-Atlantic last weekend. Even the Smithsonian Museums and monuments on the National Mall were closed. LDS Church services for Sunday, Feb. 7, were canceled by Saturday afternoon when it became apparent that no one should try to go anywhere.

The crippling storm also gave members and missionaries the opportunity to serve their neighbors. Young elders and sisters in the city and areas surrounding the nation's capital spent days shoveling record-breaking snow that ranged up to 32 inches.

Because such weather is highly unusual in the area, municipalities lack equipment, manpower, and budget to handle the effects of such a large storm. People faced long lines and some empty shelves at grocery stores Thursday as nearly everyone stocked up before the predicted storm. Snow shovels and bags of ice melt and salt were almost impossible to find. But anyone who'd purchased a snow shovel after the first unusually heavy snowfall in December found it was a sound investment.

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