Recovering from an Internet Addiction (and How to Avoid One)

I am one of those women who long before it was popular to be addicted to the internet, fell into its gaping jaws of faux solace and seemingly innocence. I was married, I am no longer. I was financially sound, educated, reasonably intelligent and reasonably happy. My life had some problems of course, but nothing (looking back) like physical abuse, poverty, or mental illness.

I was lonely. I was unfulfilled. I was longing for a connection that I didn’t feel in my marriage or my world. I was introduced to the internet. Day by day my curiosity grew. Week by week I dropped more and more of the boundaries and cautions I had always upheld in the physical world. It was after all, “only pretend.” Soon instead of just chatting with random strangers, I was making “Friends.” Before I knew it, I was crying with them, laughing with them, and they were giving me the validation, support, and stimulation that was lacking in my role as “merely” a housewife. They thought I was intelligent. They thought I was funny and wise. When I was “online” I was. I liked that person better.

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