Reflections of a sister missionary

Editor's note: This article is a follow-up to "The Remarkable Story of Guillermo Gonzalez," published in the Mormon Times section of the Deseret News on Aug. 11, 2011. That article chronicled the 1953 Latter-day Saint conversion of Guillermo Gonzalez and how he became a great leader and pioneer of missionary work in Northern Mexico. Missing in that article were the stories of the two sister missionaries who taught Guillermo, sisters Josefina Duran Balderas and Karma Houston. This article focuses more on the sister missionaries.

Alfred Balderas and his sister Marilyn Talbot have heard their 83-year-old mother talk about her mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout her life.

"It was definitely the best time of her life, one of the happiest times," Talbot said. "She has talked about the different experiences and loves to tell them again and again."

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