Relief Society General President recalls Christmas past and the plan of happiness

Among all my favorite Christmas childhood memories, I would have to include our Christmas Eve celebrations at Grandpa Kjar's house. Christmas Eve was Grandpa's favorite day of the year. It was mine, too! Oh, how I loved celebrating with our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents! There was always a meal that smelled delicious but was hardly even picked at by the grandchildren because we were all so excited for Christmas. And who wouldn't be excited? After all, the sound of jingle bells was always calling to us from just outside the windows of Grandpa's house, hinting that Santa was surely on his way – and very soon! That made for Christmas Eve magic that sent us screaming in delight from window to window throughout the house with the cousins we adored. And Grandpa seemed to delight in OUR delightedness!
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