Relief Society Lesson 14: “With God All Things are Possible”

by | Jun. 05, 2013

Lesson Helps

From the Life of Lorenzo Snow

Lorenzo Snow had a strong work ethic. He taught “We have to exert ourselves. … Remaining idle without putting ourselves into action is of no use.” But he also taught that we can’t do everything ourselves. We need God’s help in our lives: “We, as Latter-day Saints, should understand and bear in mind that salvation comes through the grace of God.” President Eliza Snow described her brother Lorenzo as someone who had “unshaken confidence in [God’s] assisting power and grace.” She said that he “knew in whom he trusted” and therefore was able to endure “every hardship, every opposition” and “overcome every obstacle.” One of the most empowering moments of my life was realizing that I was incapable of doing everything right, and that God did not expect that of me. I would love to see this lesson focus on the grace that Lorenzo Snow taught and on the variety of ways God can help us.

With God’s help, we can do anything required of us.

In this section, Snow retells the story of the rich young man who asked Christ what he needed to do to inherit eternal life. Christ tells him to give up all he has to the poor. (Matthew 19) Snow used this as an example of the law of obedience, suggesting that Christ told this young man to give his money away as a test of his obedience. But as I read this story, I came to a different conclusion. Christ’s message was one of love and compassion. I have always thought that his request was to teach this young man to care for the people around him, to be a blessing to those he came in contact with.

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